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20. dubna 2008 v 11:57 | GabiiiSP |  Amerika hledá topmodelku
Ebony Haith of New York poses for photograpaher Troy Ward at the TOP MODEL photo shoot.
Tyra Banks (left) helps participant Shannon Stewart (center) with her hair as participant Elyse Sewell looks on.
Giselle Samson receives direction from photographer Daniel Garriga (left) as her co-model Clinton Portis of the Denver Broncos looks on.
Giselle Samson, theme park entertainer of Corona California poses with snake at the participants' newest photo shoot challenge.
Adrianne Curry (left) and Shannon Stewart react to the judgesÕ decision with smiles, tears and hugs.
Elyse Sewell glances at her image in the mirror while trying on a couture dress at a store in Paris.
Nicole Panattoni, bike/skate shop employee; age 22 of Murietta, Calif.
Giselle, theme park entertainer; age 18 of Corona, Calif. strikes a pose during her first-ever bikini photo shoot.
Shannon Stewart, student; age 18 of Franklin, Ohio, strikes a pose during her first-ever bikini photo shoot.
Giselle Samson attempts to remain calm as a snake is placed on her head during a photo shoot.
Robin Manning of Memphis, Tennessee loses control as animal handler Joan M. Gallagher tries to position a snake in her hair for the photo shoot competition.
Make-up artist Valente Frasier helps TOP MODEL participant Ebony Haith of New York prepare for the next TOP MODEL photo shoot.
Elyse Sewell gets her finishing touches for a colored contact lenses commercial.
Giselle Samson prepares for STUFF magazine cover shoot.
Elyse Sewell prepares for STUFF magazine cover shoot.
Tyra Banks helps participant Adrianne Curry of Joliet, Illinois, prepare for the photo shoot competition.
A stylist helps Top Model participant Shannon Stewart prepare for her runway debut at Baby Phat fashion show rehearsal during New York's fashion week.
Giselle Samson prepares for STUFF magazine cover shoot.
Make-up artist and expert celebrity guest judge Jay Manuel helps Nicole Panattoni of California to preparenfor photo shoot competition.

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